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I manage over 60 websites with thousands of daily visitors.

Starting in 1994 I ran my first paid online service. It was a dial in bulletin board system that users accessed via 2400 baud modems. Users actually sent checks in the mail for more access time. In 1995 Internet access finally became available in the small rural Texas area I was growing up in. Quickly I registered some domains and began hosting on some shell accounts on a BSD Unix system. Soon Linux was my primary operating system since the source was available, it was great for development and it was a true multi-tasking operating system.

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Dan Quellhorst is one of the first people I go to when I have questions about online marketing techniques, website architecture or search engine optimization. We've gained tremendous business and technological insights from his willingness to share his past experiences. His breadth of knowledge, quick response time and tireless enthusiasm have helped us tremendously and make him a valuable asset to any organization.
Nick Strate -

I have worked with Dan Quellhorst on several occasions assisting him with design and implementation of various infrastructure solutions for Dan is wonderful to work with and is open to suggestions and values quality work. Not only do I enjoy working with him, but he also compensates you for your work extremely quickly upon delivery.
Grant Schofield -

I have known Dan for more than six months now, and we have done work together for about a couple of months and I can say that its a pleasure working with him!
Nikola Sivkov

Dan Quellhorst is a wonderful man to work with! In my 2 month work with him I really enjoyed it. He's quite fun to work with. I've never had a boss like him. He is always open to ideas and to new things.
Martin Kastelov